Design For Me & Preview Tool

Petal Printing has come up with some great and easy to use tools to help you bring your personalized gifts to life.

Design For Me

“Design For Me” gives you access to our professional event planners who will design the perfect napkin, cup, koozie or coaster for you.   Whether planning a wedding, shower, birthday party or wanting fun party supplies for your home, we want to be sure you love what you order.

For a $15.00 charge, Petal Printing will send you 3 layouts using the colors, fonts, monograms and specifications of your event.  Your “Design for Me” fee will be refunded to you upon the purchase of your items making our service absolutely FREE.  Give us one business day to turn these around.  We will be happy to accommodate up to 2 changes and revisions.

Once you have chosen a design, we can use that same layout to print any of our party supplies (napkins, cups, koozies or coasters).  There is no need to select “Design for Me” for each item if you would like the same layout on all items.  Indicate in Special Instructions the additional items of interest.

To choose “Design for Me,” navigate to our napkins, cups, koozies, or coasters categories.  “Design for Me” will be the first available option.


Design for Me Image

Once you get to the “Design for Me” page, you can choose the Type and Color of your item, or request that Petal Printing help you decide your item type.

As you can see below, you provide your desired colors for the item and the ink, and mention the initials and stock art you like.

Design for Me Example

Once you submit your specifications, you proceed through the Checkout Process and pay a refundable (if product is later purchased) $15 fee.

Within one business day your “Design for Me” design options will be emailed to you in the form of a PDF file from customerservice at  Make sure to add that email address to your address book or check your spam to prevent any delays.   Only Petal Printing typestyles, stock art, ink colors, etc. will be incorporated into the design.  Custom art fees will apply at the time of item purchase, if applicable.  If you end up purchasing your item as created in the “Design for Me” Custom Preview, the $15 fee (plus tax) will be refunded to your credit card as a separate transaction and a receipt emailed to you.  The first two revisions of the original design are free, and additional revisions can be purchased for $5 if desired. 


Petal Printing offers a FREE Layout when you order cups, napkins, koozies or coasters.  We want to make sure you absolutely love what you have selected.  We understand that customizing an item offers a wide variety of options and those options can sometime be overwhelming.

You will be asked to use the “Layouts” Drop Menu when choosing your other personalization (i.e. color, fonts, monograms, ink colors, etc.)  One of the three options is right for you.

1.            Produce my item as specified on my order without sending me a layout.

2.            Create a FREE layout of my item as specified on my order within 1 business day.

3.            Create a FREE layout of my item as specified on my order, PLUS send me 2 alternative layouts that you might suggest. 

Most orders take 5 business days to produce.  FREE layouts will take 1-2 business days to create and approve.  We recommend selecting a Production Proof (+8.00) if you are sending your own logo or artwork. 

Preview Feature

You don’t need to choose Design for Me to get a great preview of what your design will look like – our Preview tool can show you instantly your projected design.  Plug in your color and text preferences and scroll down to click “Preview” (next to “Add to Cart”).  Change your text and color and click “Preview” again to experiment with new fonts, pictures, colors, and styles.   Depending on your selections, some custom options will not be shown.  Our complimentary layout (see above) will display all your options.

It’s as easy as that!

Let us know if you have any questions about using the Design for Me or Preview tools and we will be happy to help you make your gift as personalized and perfect as possible.